Hi, I am Anika!

My passion for media, art and design led me to London, Europe's media capital, to pursue a BSc Hons degree in Communication and Media Studies. Upon graduating I began working in broadcasting, and eventually made the switch to media tech, working in New York, San Francisco and now, Amsterdam for an American studio and network.

When I was younger, I was asked what I wanted to be when I was older, and I would say 'artist'. Since then, I have painted, sculpted, photographed and created my way to where I am now - a tech savvy media professional with a passion for content creation.

I immersed myself into the social media world when I created my own online jewelry brand and produced an income from sales through Instagram only, learning the power of social media marketing and quality creative content. I post frequently on my own Instagram, capturing moments of my life and travel.

Outside of my day job, I love traveling, photography, cooking and fashion! I live in  Amsterdam with my travel partner husband and goldendoodle pup, Toki. 

All of these elements brought me to here - offering my stories and services to you. I invite you to get in touch with me, to see what magic we can create, to talk travel or just to say hello!