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Hi, I'm Anika!

Hi, I’m Anika!


I’m the founder of raahi LIVING, a collection of homeware and loungewear inspired by patterns and colors from all over the world. This blog is my personal, creative pursuit — a place where I can share endless inspiration from my travels. Whether it's the smells wafting from a market stall, the intricate pattern of a tile floor, or traditions of a different culture, I always find ways to take a piece of that beauty and bring it to my own life and home.  


This blog and raahi, which means ‘traveler’ in Hindi, have been a lifetime in the making. 


I have always navigated different cultures — growing up in Scotland, spending summers with my family in India and eventually living in New York City and San Francisco as a young professional. There have been endless travels in between, too, all adding more color and detail into my worldview. Now today, my husband, recently born twin daughters, pup and I call Amsterdam, The Netherlands home.


These experiences have forever inspired me to create. As a kid, I used to fill scrapbooks with torn-out treasures — obsessed with the way patterns, typography and color intertwined to create something totally unique. As an adult, I used photography and Instagram as my digital scrapbook, documenting all the beautiful things that caught my eye. Now, I am taking all that inspiration and giving it a new home here, where I hope you find the same sense of wonder and worldly inspiration that I do.

On this blog you will find so much more than just travel guides, but real insight into places, the people that call them home, and the meaningful things they can teach us. I am always looking for practices that can serve my life better and inspiration that can bring beauty into my home, too. So here, I will also share the ethical and sustainable practices and products that support my own personal growth and imprint on the world. 


I’m so glad that you have found me and my little corner of the internet. Take a look around — explore new places, try new recipes, Pin that project, shop all the products I love, and subscribe to my newsletter. There’s so much I’m excited to share with you.



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