7 Ethical & Sustainable Brands You Should Know About

In the past couple of years, one of my goals has been to distance myself from fast fashion brands due to the negative impact they have on our planet. Through this conscious journey, I have come across a number of ethical and sustainable brands that care for the environment in ways so deep, that their entire business model relies on it.

5 Things To Try When Feeling Low

It's been a hard year. Our fight-or-flight system has been in overdrive, adrenaline is drying up and apathy is kicking in. From homeschooling to being productive when working from home, emotionally, has made most of us feel drained. So, the question is, how do we cope with this impending feeling of doom? Here are a few simple things you can try to help you navigate through this.


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Introducing AAVRANI

I'm not sure if I have ever been so obsessed with a skincare brand as much as I have been with AAVRANI It's a skincare line inspired by ancient Indian beauty rituals that uses raw and organic ingredients. The brand envelopes and aces the trifecta of clean ingredients, sustainability, and philanthropic mission.