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Best Local Restaurants In Jaipur

Food may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Jaipur, but Jaipur has some of the best restaurants in the state of Rajasthan. From Rajasthani thalis, to tongue tickling chaats, here are the best local restaurants you must try when visiting Jaipur.

Sahu Chai

No day in India starts without chai. Sahu chai wala is famed for serving the best chai Jaipur, since 1968. Perched beneath a peepal tree, clusters of people start to gather in the early hours of the morning before their working day begins, sipping on Sahu's sweet goodness. The chai is served in traditional clay cups, which I am certain makes the tea taste even better!

Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar

Laxmi Mishthan Bhandar, popularly known as LMB, is a well known casual restaurant and sweet shop on the busy Johari Bazar Rd. LMB has an extensive menu catering to all taste buds, from fried snacks, curries, fusion food and street-foods. When you walk into the bustling shop, you will see huge brightly lit counters showcasing all their confectionary. Towards the right through a double door, there is a spacious sit down restaurant that is always busy, although reservations are not required.

LMB was so good that we visited multiple times. I highly recommend their manchurian, chaats, Rajasthani thali, shahi paneer and dal makhani, although everything on their menu is so good!

Sanjay Omelette - Egg Dee

One thing you will notice is that Indians love spiced eggs for breakfast. Sanjay Omelette is egg heaven. Here, you can find an endless list of egg dishes like egg pizza, egg fried rice and of course, omelettes, as well as more unusual egg innovations. It is run by MasterChef contestant, Sanjay, and has been popular with locals since. Sanjay Omelette can be enjoyed at any time of day, and not just for breakfast!


The iconic Lassiwala has been serving the best lassi in Jaipur, for over sixty years. The cold yogurt drink that is creamy, rich and infused with fragrant sweet spices, is popular with locals and Indian tourists alike. Customers gather outside the roadside shop with their tall clay cups gulping the sweet lassi on sweltering days. The cooling lassi is served with a thick layer of malai (cream), which makes it even more tasty. Lassiwala has been so popular that Bollywood celebrities have even stopped here for lassi. Tip - come before 3pm as their lassi tends to run low after then.

Samrat Ki Kachori Samosa

Samrat Ki Kachori Samosa is one of Jaipur's legendary roadside shops serving hot fried snacks with chutneys, sweets and tea. They are famous for their samosas - flakey, deep-fried triangle shaped pastry stuffed with potato, peas and spices. Samrat's snacks come loaded with their sweet, spicy and tangy chutneys that will leave you wanting more samosas! They are also famed for their kachoris. I recommend visiting Samrat for your four pm snack and wash it down with Samrat's chai.

Rawat Mishthan Bhandar

Jaipur's most famous piyaaz ki kachori comes from Rawat Mishthan Bhandar. Piyaaz ki kachori is a crispy and flakey fried snack filled with onions. These exquisite snacks are served piping hot, and are super popular in Rajasthan. Rawat Mishthan Bhandar serves some of the best kachoris in town. It's a big location with mainly counters, and a few standing tables only, perfect to eat your kachori at. Rawat Mishthan Bhandar is hectic, loud and chaotic, so be prepared to get in there and shout your order. I recommend buying a few different snacks to try, and suggest coming to this spot for a quick snack before sight seeing, or an afternoon pick me up.


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