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How To Make A Pompom Christmas Wreath

DIY Christmas decorations might just be my favorite thing. My previous Christmas DIY project was making dried orange decorations, and this year its bold and bright pompoms. In this post, I will share the easiest way to make pompoms without any special tools, and then how to use those pompoms to make a pompom wreath.

What You Need To Make Pompoms

All you really need to make pompoms is yarn and scissors. However, there are a number of ways you can make pompoms which changes this. You can make pompoms using your hands, cardboard or:-

- a pompom maker like this, or for multiple sizes like this.

- sharp scissors

- lots of yarn - here are some options that will work well

- a pen

- scrap cardboard

The yarn does not need to be expensive. Acrylic yarn works really well and is the cheapest. Check your local market or crafts store for these too. When picking the color of the yarn, keep a color theme in mind and stick with shades and tones within that range. I have gone for bright and bold - it reminds me of the trinkets and souveniers you get from places like Mexico and India!

How To Make Pompoms

I find the easiest way to make pompoms is by using scrap card. To do this, follow the instructions below.

  1. Using a pen, draw a U shape on scrap cardboard - roughly 15cm x 8cm. This makes an approximately 5cm pompoms.

  2. Cut the U shape and keep the scrap card aside.

  3. Taking any yarn, start wrapping around the stencil.

  4. You shoud wrap this around 80-100 times for a nice fluffy pompom.

  5. Cut the yarn when wrapped, then cut another piece of yarn around 30cm and double it up so its 15cm. Wrap this around the backside of the yarn and bring it to the front as pictured.

  6. Use a double knot to tighten this as much as possible then tie a knot again to secure.

  7. Slide the yarn off the cardboard stencil.

  8. Then, taking your scissors, cut all of the loops open until you get a messy pompom.

  9. Taking the scrap cardboard from earlier, cut out two circles in the size of the desired pompom - I used 5cm.

  10. Place one circle beneath the pompom and the other on top and use this as a guide to cut the excess yarn off.

  11. Once you have done one side, fluff the pompom in your hands by rolling it gently between your palms, then use the circles again to make it neater from the other side.

  12. Keep trimming until you have a perfect circle.

To make multicolored pompoms, use the same steps as above but change the colors you are wrapping around the stencil. So, for example, instead of 80-100 wraps in one color, wrap one color 30 times, another 20 times, etc until you have wrapped it 80-100 times.

How To Make A Pompom Wreath

Once you have created enough pompoms, you are ready to create your pompom wreath. To make the pompom wreath, you need the following:-

- pompoms

- yarn

- ribbon for hanging

- small pompoms for filling (optional)

  1. First, wrap the styrofoam wreath ring with yarn. This can be any color you like. To do this, tie the yarn and then use a hot glue gun to secure it in place.

  2. Lay out all of your pompoms and plan how you want the colors to sit.

  3. Using the hot glue gun, secure the pompoms onto the wreath ring by starting in the middle.

  4. Then place complimentary pompoms around the centre pompoms.

  5. Continue doing this until the wreath is covered - I did around 3 layers.

  6. If using small filler pompoms, hot glue those in where there are small spaces.

  7. Once dry, tie fishing line around the wreath and tie a knot at the back.

  8. Taking the ribbon, loop this through the fishing line to hang the wreath.


Are you going to get crafting this Christmas? Tag me in your designs, and Pin for later!

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