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Palm Springs - A Long Weekend Travel Guide

Palm Springs - the iconic Southern Californian resort city, known as the playground to the stars. Palm Springs is a show off when it comes to idyllic mountain backdrops, mid-century glamour, quality restaurants, chill vibes and cacti. Whether you're looking for a swanky getaway or just some fun in the sun, Palm Springs and the surrounding area is the perfect place to spend a weekend. Here's your guide to a long weekend in Palm Springs.

Day 1:

  • Upon arrival, check into one of Palm Springs' chic hotels such as the Parker Palm Springs, Ace Hotel & Swim Club, the Avalon Hotel & Bungalows or Sands Hotel & Spa. Drop your bags and head on out while you wait for your room.

  • First stop, have lunch at Cheeky's - a farm-to-table restaurant known for its brunch and trendy atmosphere.

  • Visit the Palm Springs Art Museum and immerse yourself in local culture and art.

  • Rent a bike from your hotel and check out some of the art installations in downtown like the Robolights, Forever Marylin statue, and Popsicles.

  • Spend the early evening lounging at the hotel pool bar, cocktail in hand.

  • For a casual and easy dinner, go to El Patron for tacos and tequila.

  • End the night with a drink at the rooftop lounge at the Kimpton Rowan, with gorgeous views of the city.

Day 2:

  • Begin your day with a little drive for coffee at Everbloom. You must try the butterscotch iced latte here - it's what dreams are made of and totally worth the trek.

  • Then head for breakfast at Pink Cabana, a chic restaurant inside the Sands Hotel.

  • Staying in the area, pamper yourself with a visit to La Quinta Resort & Club for a luxurious spa day.

  • Head back into Palm Springs and grab a quick bite at Sherman's Deli & Bakery.

  • Take a road trip to Joshua Tree for sunset to admire the beauty of the desert flora, staying for star gazing.

  • Grab In-n-Out or pizza on the way back.

Day 3:

  • Start your day with iced coffee at Cartel Roasting Co..

  • Head to Farm for brunch - an indoor-outdoor restaurant that uses locally-sourced ingredients, transporting you to the South of France with its décor and ambiance.

  • Go shopping stopping at Thick As Thieves and The Shops At Thirteen Forty Five.

  • Cool down with a date milkshake at Great Shakes - Palm Springs has many date farms cultivating some of the best dates in the country so don't miss out on this.

  • Take a drive through the Indian Canyons neighbourhood and spot all the colourful mid-century house doors, including the famous Pink Door. (Address: 1100 East Sierra Way)

  • Cool down with some ice cream from Shop(pe) | Ice Cream & Shop.

  • Have dinner at Azúcar Restaurant, a stunning Mexican inspired restaurant located inside La Serena Villas.

  • Head upstairs and end the night with a drink at Sugar High Rooftop while soaking in the views.


Whether you're seeking a relaxing getaway or a fun, culture rich trip, I hope this guide will help you plan your next trip to Palm Springs. Pin this guide for later!


Clark benson
Clark benson
Mar 29

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Oct 06, 2023

I can say that it was my childhood dream to walk those streets, because I was from a small town, but with big dreams. It's so good that I didn't betray those dreams, but went to conquer everything I wanted to do. I spent about a month there and it was probably the coolest month of my life, I didn't even study much, because thanks to these guys I could relax and enjoy the fact that I had accomplished what I wanted to do for so long. Later, after a month had passed, I realized that it was cool, but somehow boring, especially since I perceived all those places in a completely different way, they no longer attracted me…


Oct 06, 2023

Well, very cool article, I especially liked the way you were able to tell in all the details about the possibility of a holiday in such a fascinating place. I was once very eager to spend a weekend there, and I can say that we managed it, not without help, but we managed it. Thanks to the fact that I handed in my PhD thesis in computer science on time, or even before, I was able to go on holiday before everyone else, and I took full advantage of this opportunity. After spending a weekend there, I realised that I had not worked in vain and tried to do everything to get here, so my advice to everyone is…


Sep 30, 2023

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