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The Best Gifts For A Traveler - Holiday Gift Guide

What does every traveler want for Christmas? To travel, obviously! Although that isn't quite possible, there are plenty of gifting options to help scratch that wanderlust itch. Here are my favorites, that I personally own and love!

Rimowa’s iconic aluminium suitcase rose to eminence by sheer accident when the aluminimum was the only material to survive a factory fire at the company’s headquarters in Cologne, Germany in 1937. It is therefore exceptionally durable, functional and effortlessly stylish. Rimowa's suitcase has four double spinner wheels allowing you to glide through airports, double TSA locks for safety, and fully lined packing compartments with flex dividers. Although it is a hefty purchase, the Rimowa suitcase comes with an excellent guarantee and is the crème de la crème of luggage. My husband and I both have been using ours for years, and cannot recommend it highly enough, making it the perfect gift for that special someone.

Silk pillowcases offer serious benefits for hair and skin from wrinkles to hair frizz. This set of pillow case and sleep mask is ideal for the traveler on the go who cares for their skin. It's compact and easy to travel with, and comes in multiple colors.

A good pair of trainers is something everyone needs. Veja is a vegan friendly sneaker brand that is sustainable, using raw materials sourced from organic farming and ecological agriculture. With a minimalist aesthetic, and extensive color options, these trainers can be easily styled with dresses to jeans, making it the perfect shoe to travel in and with.

Peak Design is a company that design and create carry solutions for gear, in a mindful way. Peak Design's cubes are versatile holding everything from cameras, drones, wires, batteries, adapters and chargers. They effortlessly fit into carry ons and backpacks with buildable compartments. All their products are modular meaning you are able to mix and match their products to build a system suitable for you. The company itself gives back 1% of their revenue to environmental nonprofits and are entirely carbon neutral.

Every traveler wants a drone - period! It revamps travel footage like nothing else, offering such a different perspective. The cool thing about the mini is that it's built to weigh 249g which means you do not need to register the drone with the FAA or similar regulatory agencies in the country you travel to. (You need to register drones over 250g!) I got the DJI Mavic Mini drone last Christmas and have loved it ever since. It's easy to use, super lightweight and fun to navigate. This year, the DJI Mini 2 was released and is perfect for Christmas.

The Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones are the best available industry-leading noise cancelling headphones that are wireless, exceedingly comfortable to wear, and have over thirty hours of battery life. They make travel feel so much easier and are seriously a joy to use.

A scent can transport you to far away places in a second. This Aesop room spray will do exactly that, making you feel you've just checked into a luxury hotel. It's warm and woody scent lingers for hours and makes being home feel so good.

Cire Trudon is a Parisian candlemaker and one of the oldest in the world. Their candles are handmade even to this day, making it a really special gift, especially for the Paris lover.

The perfect stocking filler - With the increase of hand sanitizing paired with the regular scuffle at airports, a good moisturizer is always appreciated. This one is travel sized and can fit into your purse or bag with little room.

Transporting delicates is always such a hassle. With this mini jewelry case, the traveler in your life can travel stress free knowing all their jewels are safely stored in one place. It's small, has multiple compartments and is a true game changer.

A gua sha is the perfect stocking filler for any skin and beauty junkie. It's a facial massaging tool that promotes lymphatic drainage and sculpts the face - so ideal after a long flight.

Who doesn't want a fresh bag of coffee shipped directly from Colombia? Pergamino Coffee is based in Medellín and are committed to fair trade. They craft roast their coffee and ship directly from the land that made it. Although they don't ship everywhere, they do ship to the US, Canada and of course, Colombia. For my European friends, I recommend Drop Coffee from Stockholm. They are dedicated to sustainability and offer free worldwide shipping.

The Bialetti Espresso maker is an appliance that is a staple in every Italian home where it sits on the stovetop, and uses pressurized steam to simmer out espresso. With many cafe closures and restrictions, this makes such a nice gift for the coffee enthusiast - I too received mine as a present and absolutely love it! I recommend the three cup size.


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