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Why You Should Spend Your Babymoon In Santorini

Santorini - the most well travelled Greek island that needs no introduction. White washed buildings dressed in pink bougainvillea, famous blue domes, stunning caldera views, legendary sunsets and a cuisine so exquisite. There are so many reasons why I chose to spend our babymoon in Santorini, and in this post I will share why I think you should too.

Santorini Is Accessible

Santorini is one of the few Greek islands that has an airport, making travel to Santorini very easy. From Amsterdam I was able to take a direct flight and was from canals to caldera in four hours. And the best thing about on-island airport is that you don’t need to take the ferry! Getting on a ferry may be the last thing you want to do while being pregnant. In my previous experiences in traveling the Greek islands, the water can get choppy making it dangerous for pregnancy. Not only that, but the ferries can get very busy and unpleasant in hot weather.

Santorini's Epic Food Scene

What’s better than enjoying great food in the sunshine? Being pregnant and enjoying great food in the sunshine! With so many brilliant choices for Greek cuisine whether fine dining or casual, Santorini really spoils you. Fresh salads, delicate flavors and rich in veggies and the good stuff - you can’t go wrong with Greek cuisine. Pregnancy taste buds can get weird but thankfully Greek food is not too spicy, pungent or strong making it such a great choice no matter how picky you might have gotten.

Santorini Is The Ultimate Romantic Getaway

This is the last trip you’re taking with your partner before baby (or babies!) arrives, and there’s not many places more romantic than Santorini. Spending your (first) babymoon under the Santorini stars really is a once in a lifetime event. Candle lit dinners, romantic walks with ice cream, dreamy sunsets and lazy days in your private pool on the caldera is the best way to spend your last trip together, and Santorini delivers it all in the most spectacular way.

Santorini Has A Hospital With Neonatal Care

For me, having a neonatal hospital within reach while being pregnant was incredibly important, especially with my twin pregnancy. You don’t ever want to think of anything going wrong, but knowing Santorini has a hospital was extremely comforting, unlike many other Greek islands. Whether you choose Santorini as your babymoon destination or not, I recommend checking what’s accessible in case of medical emergency wherever you go.

Santorini Doesn’t Have Pesky Pests

Santorini is generally pest free. There is no Zika in the region, and mosquitos weren’t bad either, at least in September. I attract mosquitos pretty badly but I wasn’t bit once although I did use pregnancy sage mosquito repellent. Being pregnant, pests are something to consider as they can be harmful.

Santorini’s Climate Is Pregnancy Friendly

The Greek islands have a typical Mediterranean climate. Although summers are hot, the meltemi, a wind that makes it feel a lot cooler than it is, makes the temperature near perfect when carrying a baby in utero. I do advise carrying water at all times, but I found the climate just right in September.

Santorini Isn’t Baby Friendly

A huge reason for why I chose to spend my babymoon in Santorini is because Santorini isn’t the first destination you’d visit with a baby. With cliffside living, steep steps and limited accessibility with a stroller, I wanted to visit somewhere I knew I wouldn’t be able to visit once I had my twins. And as Santorini had been on my bucket list for a while, it seemed like the right fit while I was still 25 weeks pregnant, and able to freely get around.


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Eddy Smith
20 May

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