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Why You Need to Visit Procida

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Procida (pronounced Pro-chee-dah) is a tiny Italian island off the coast of Naples. It's blissfully colorful, happily untouched, incredibly beautiful, and easy to reach - exactly why you need to visit.

Procida Is Easy To Get To

Let's start off with how easy it is to get to Procida. Procida is 23km from Naples, making Naples Capodichino Airport the closest airport to Procida. To get to Procida from Naples Airport, you need to take a taxi (or bus) to one of two ports - Molo Beverello or Porta di Massa. From there, hydrofoil and ferry services run to Procida multiple times in the day. Tickets can be purchased ahead of time or on the spot and the journey time is forty minutes. So easy!

Procida Is Postcard Perfect

You know when you see a postcard and think to yourself wow, does this place really exist? Well, Procida is exactly that kind of island. Witnessing Procida's unspoiled, sweeping romantic views is a good enough reason on its own for why you need to visit Procida. The views over Marina di Corricella, a fishing village built into the rocks (similar to the villages in Cinque Terre) will leave you nothing short of speechless. Seeing the postcard-perfect, pastel sugar-cubed houses stacked upon each other with fishing boats bobbing on the glistening harbor, is nothing short of mesmerizing - it feels like you are in a set of a movie. The views are best from the road that leads up to the castle or, of course, your yacht!

Procida Is Refreshingly Authentic

Procida is an island that is often overlooked because of its neighboring islands, Capri and Ischia, and therefore sees a lot less tourists outside of Neapolitan locals. This makes Procida feel so authentic and untouched by mass tourism that even the restaurants have not yet developed English menus! Quiet streets, sleepy piazzas, rippling laundry and peaceful beaches shape Procida's beauty, and why you need to experience its refreshing authenticity.

Procida's Hidden Beaches

Procida has a number of dark volcanic sand beaches accessible by steep staircases off the cliff's edge. A narrow path leads you from the road to the cliffside, canopied with jasmine. The air is salty, yet sweet and the distance aqua waters lure you for a pre-lunch dip. On the beach you can rent chairs and umbrellas, or find a towel-sized spot on the sand. Spiaggia Chiaia is my favorite with views of Marina di Corricella in the distance, dotted with unpretentious locals and their lilos.

Procida Can Be Seen In A Day

Procida is small - it's 4.1 km² so can easily be seen in day. There are daily ferries that run from the neighboring islands, as well as Naples, that leave in the morning and return in the evening. Transportation within Procida is not necessary as the island is very walkable and you can cover a lot by foot (except for those with mobility issues or push/wheelchairs). Although, you can rent scooters or electric bikes if preferred.

Suggested Itinerary for Procida Day-trip

- Get off the ferry and have coffee by the port.

- Walk to Spiaggia Chiaia for swimming and beach time.

- Have a seafood lunch, beachside, at Tonino La Conchiglia.

- Head to Marina di Corricella and explore the village. You can also have a waterside lunch here instead.

- Grab gelato at Chiaro di Luna Bar Gelateria Artigianale.

- Walk to Terra Murata to soak in the incredible views, seeing Santa Maria Delle Grazie on the way.

- Walking down, check out the ancient settlement, Casale Vascello.

- Head back towards the port stopping for a Peroni at one of the waterfront bars before heading back.

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